“Enabling people to be better human beings: that’s my holistic philosophy on life. Even though our projects are sometimes focused on compensation design or building a leadership programme or developing a career architecture: all our projects help and enable people to be more successful.”


Darryl Parrant went from being an educator to an entrepreneur to an HR leader. Today he leads Mercer’s Career business in Hong Kong, a team of expert HR consultants, based on the passionate conviction that people have the ability to make a difference.


At Mercer Darryl is supported by an entire global community of experts: consultants who provide great advice, products and data. Under his leadership the Mercer Hong Kong team of career-focused consultants connect people, businesses and communities and transform organisations for the benefit of all: to help companies add value, grow individuals, and give value back to society.


Darryl believes that Mercer’s open, diverse and authentic approach doesn’t just allow people to bring the best of themselves to work every day, it creates a powerful and beautiful combination of humanity, humility, authenticity and intelligence. So, as one of the few companies in the world that can bring data, advice and product knowledge together at the highest quality, Mercer does more than just consult: they care.


Throughout the good times and the challenging ones Darryl is proud to support his team and his clients to add value to people’s businesses – and their lives – by going the extra mile. And when he’s not speaking or consulting he does art which, since he’s also colour-blind, brings a whole different perspective to the world: much like Mercer does. 

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