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Tapping into the power of your data is critical in successfully managing a sustainable and meaningful benefits program. A recent Mercer Marsh Benefits survey shows that less than 10% of HR professionals use a data-driven approach to determine if their benefits program is truly meeting their employee’s needs and their bottom line1.

Benefits Forecaster by Mercer Marsh Benefits models the cost of innovative benefit options and models the costs of strategies to effectively manage the sustainability of your plan.
By coming to the table with data-driven recommendations, HR can influence key decision-makers and be a strategic partner in finding benefits solutions that make sense for their employees and their business.


ROI (return on investment) presents challenges for HR professionals, who typically measure profitability of their benefits investment by using a value-based approach, relying on feedback and drawing on employee engagement scores.

Benefits Forecaster provides three measurable solutions that identify substantial savings opportunities with the ability to track and measure ROI:

*These figures are estimations based on a set of assumptions (headcount of 1,000 members and total premium of $1 million) and show an impact over a five year period. ROI will vary for each company.


To identify your current and projected state, and discover your potential savings opportunities, all it takes is a few simple steps:

(Note: Benefits Forecaster is suitable for employers with 500+ employees.)


Now is the time to harness the power of data to take control of your future. Benefits Forecaster allows you to predict your benefits costs with greater accuracy, uncover big savings opportunities, and assess the sustainability of your benefits program as a whole – while providing the data-driven metrics you need to track your success.

About Mercer Marsh Benefits

Mercer Marsh Benefits provides clients with a single source for managing the costs, people risks, and complexities of employee benefits. The network is a combination of Mercer and Marsh local offices around the world, plus country correspondents who have been selected based on specific criteria. Our benefits experts, located in 135 countries and servicing clients in more than 150 countries, are deeply knowledgeable about their local markets. Through our locally established businesses, we have a unique common platform which allows us to serve clients with global consistency and locally unique solutions.

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