“With the right technology, data analytics and health and wellbeing proposition, it’s possible to tackle the underlying causes of why people need to go to the doctor and pay medical insurance in the first place. If you can improve that, people can be healthier and happier.”


As the Health and Benefits leader at Mercer Marsh Benefits in Hong Kong Richard Roper leads deeply knowledgeable team members to tackle the underlying causes that can improve employee health, and share this with their clients. With nearly three decades’ experience in the insurance industry, he knows that a company’s health benefits can be transformational: rewarding people for good behavior in a way that really impacts their lives, rather than just their work life.


At Mercer his team’s purpose includes insurance: but he wishes people knew that Mercer does so much more than insurance. Anyone can choose to work with a global insurance company. What his team does, though, is go beyond finding the most appropriate and cost-effective deal for their customers: they offer consultancy and advice to make sure their clients are improving the employee experience and maximizing their ability to attract and retain employees.


That’s why he’s proud to lead Health and Benefits at Mercer Marsh Benefits: because health and benefits aren’t just the key words in his job description, they also underpin his philosophy on life. As a keen triathlete Richard doesn’t just explore Hong Kong on foot, by bicycle and in the water every day, he also gets to explore the technology, the data analytics that informs the advice, the benchmarking resources and the health and wellbeing proposition that Mercer provides in order to improve employee health.


And when he isn’t cycling, swimming or running he’s preparing new magic tricks to entertain his family at their next annual year-end magic show.

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