A new deal for Employee Engagement in Asia

A new deal for Employee Engagement in Asia

A new deal for Employee Engagement in Asia

Recorded: 24 May 2017

    • Did you know disengaged employees cost over US$450 billion in the US alone, with no more than one-third of the total workforce truly engaged at work!

      According to Mercer's latest Talent Trends 2017 research, one of the key trends driving the future of HR is the 'Quest for Insight', with organizations globally looking at ways to use credible data and evidence to make talent decisions. However, only 35% of HR Leaders today are able to provide this kind of information, especially as it relates to employee productivity!

      Most companies chase improved levels of employee engagement, without understanding the broader science of motivation. And they end up with misplaced assumptions about engagement and its impact on the business.

      • HR practitioners
      • People Managers
      • Business Leaders
      • CEOs
      • COOs
    • 2:00 – 2:50PM – Speaker Presentations

      2:50 – 3:00PM – Q&A

    • Lewis Garrad from Mercer Sirota will present the underlying science of motivation and how the underlying drivers of Engagement can be measured and managed. This will be followed by a case study on Minor Hotels, presented by Tracey Lloyd, on how she manages and drive Engagement in a 50000-people geographically dispersed worforce.

    • Lewis Garrad
      Growth Markets Engagement
      Practice Leader - Mercer I Sirota


      Tracey Lloyd
      Vice President - Talent,
      Minor Hotels