Workforce Metrics And Analytics | Hong Kong, Sep 23

Workforce Metrics And Analytics | Hong Kong, Sep 23

Workforce Metrics And Analytics: Driving Business Results With Data

23 September 2014  Hong Kong, HongKong


    • Business and HR leaders are recognizing the potential value of workforce metrics and analytics. Yet many organizations still struggle with developing a strategy and identifying where to start, what to measure, and how metrics and analytics can support business strategies.

      The Workforce Metrics and Analytics Workshop is designed to help drive business results with data by providing a detailed road map for effectively leveraging metrics and analytics in your organization.

      Mercer’s Workforce Metrics and Analytics Workshops are designed to help organizations:

      • Understand the issues and best practices regarding human capital metrics and analytics.
      • Differentiate between human resources metrics and human capital metrics.
      • Learn best practices in the design of human capital dashboards.
      • Interpret data on the flows of talent in, up, and out of your organization.
      • Understand how to marshal resources within your organization to facilitate using metrics and analytics.
      • Getting starting with metrics.
      • Applying best practices in metrics and dashboards.
      • Identifying emerging trends in workforce analytics.
      • Driving internal demand for metrics and analytics.
      • Directors and VPs of HR, and senior managers.
      • Analytics heads and workforce planning heads.
      • HR business partners who are interested in utilizing intelligent data to obtain workforce insights.
      • Business executives with a role in driving results via the workforce.
    • KNOW-HOW
      This workshop is the beginning of putting workforce metrics and analytics to work for you. We will provide the templates and resources you will need to implement meaningful, measurable changes to improve your company’s performance.

      Key concepts, terms, definitions, and principles are meaningfully arranged on a large, placemat-sized page for easy reference.

      This workbook contains all group activities and individual exercises for the workshop, in addition to a glossary of related terms, descriptions of the other Mercer Workforce Analytics and Planning Workshops, and a small-print version of the placemat.

      At the conclusion of the workshop, you will receive copies of all PowerPoint slides, articles, and other valuable resources to better equip you to apply the knowledge you gained from the workshop.

    • Dion Groeneweg
      HR Transformation & Workforce Planning Leader, Talent

      Dion is a partner at Mercer and the Growth Markets practice leader for HR transformation and workforce planning, and he is based in Singapore. He specializes in formulating and aligning organizations’ business and HR strategy, service delivery models, technology, change management, and analytics solutions. Dion has more than 25 years of experience designing and developing human-capital-related solutions for organizations in Asia, North America, Africa, and Australia. He has advised clients in the financial services, energy and transport, environment and natural resources, manufacturing, and health sectors. Prior to joining Mercer, Dion was founder and CEO of the Cape Group, which he established in Sydney in 2004. He then led the expansion of the company into the Asia Pacific region. Before setting up the Cape Group, Dion was a partner with Deloitte, holding the position of regional director for Human Capital for the Asia Pacific and Africa regions.

      Jackson Kam
      Principal, Talent Consulting, Greater China

      Jackson Kam is a principal in Mercer, leading its consulting business in organization performance for Greater China.

      Jackson has over 18 years of strategy, operations, and human capital consulting experience. He has run consulting projects for over 40 clients in 10+ countries.

      Jackson is an all-round consultant with skills in strategy development, organization performance and business transformation. He is also Mercer College’s trainer for public and in-house courses for strategic workforce planning.

      Prior to joining Mercer, Jackson worked in three other international consulting firms (Oliver Wyman, PA Consulting Group, and Logica). Jackson holds a first class degree from Cambridge University.

    • Your registration is subject to acceptance by Mercer. You will receive confirmation of acceptance (or rejection) and further details closer to the scheduled workshop date. Confirmation of the workshop proceeding is dependent on enrolments.

      The workshop fees cover all tuition, documentation, lunches and refreshments. Participants are responsible for their own travel, accommodation and out-of-pocket expenses. Cancellations should be sent in writing to your Mercer contact. Cancellations received more than 30 days prior to the scheduled workshop date will be refunded in full. Cancellations received 30 days or less in advance of the workshop will not be refunded but it may be possible to reschedule to a later date (restrictions may apply). You may nominate a substitute to take your place at any time before the start of the workshop. No-shows on the day of the workshop will not be refunded.

      Mercer reserves the right to change or cancel any part of its published workshop due to unforeseen circumstances and to determine the suitability of any registrant to attend the workshop. Payment must be received in full before the start of the workshop. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse admission to the workshop if proof of payment has not been received. An invoice will be sent upon receipt of a registration form.