15 October 2018

Hong Kong, Hong Kong


  • Only 70% feel their career goals can be met by their employers
  • At 75% overall engagement level, Hong Kong results one of the lowest in the Asia Pacific region

Mercer, a global consulting leader in advancing health, wealth and career and a wholly owned subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan Companies (NYSE: MMC), today announced the findings of its inaugural Enabling your talent to thrive: Hong Kong Employee Engagement Index. The findings show that employee engagement in Hong Konghas declined consistently over the last three years — this is in stark contrast to the upward trend observed in employee engagement across the globe. Only 75% of Hong Kongers are satisfied with the companies they work for compared to 81% of their counterparts in the Mainland and other countries such as India.

In addition to that, Hong Kongers are less likely to endorse their organizations as good employers — 75% of employees in APAC would advocate for their companies as good places to work, while only 71% of employees are willing to do so in Hong Kong.

“To stay competitive, companies in Hong Kong need to foster a culture of empowerment and innovation for their people” said Jackson Kam, regional talent strategy leader for Mercer. He added, “Employees in Hong Kong feel lack of leadership communication and cross-functional collaboration within inhibit them at work.”

What may be a case for worry is that even among the engaged employees, only a small fraction are reportedly enthusiastic about going above and beyond their scope of work to help their companies thrive. And only 75% feel they have enough opportunity to continually learn and grow despite the growing emphasis and investment on learning and development at most organizations today.

“Engagement represents the best opportunity for Hong Kong to optimize the human capital it has. If performance and productivity are a combination of individual talent and engagement, the best way to optimize talent is to ensure it’s engaged. Although this seems obvious, many organizations still struggle to build the work environment they need to fully realize engagement in the workplace,” concluded Mr. Kam.

Mercer’s Hong Kong Employee Engagement Index survey is based on responses of employees from more than 40 companies in Hong Kong, representing various industries and jobs from global and local multinationals. It assessed employee engagement by measuring the level of pride, motivation and commitment employees have toward the organizations they work for.

You can view the entire report here:


FIGURE 1: Overall Engagement levels across Asia Pacific


FIGURE 2: Results from Hong Kong, based on 2017 survey results (year-on-year comparison)



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  • 僅70%本港員工認為僱主能夠滿足他們的工作目標
  • 本港員工整體敬業度為75%,為亞太區最低敬業度的地區之一

香港,2018年10月15日 – 美世(Mercer)是領先全球的健康、財富和職業諮詢機構,屬威達信集團(Marsh & McLennan Companies,紐交所股票代碼:MMC)的全資子公司。美世今日公佈香港員工敬業度指數,調查顯示本港員工敬業度於過去三年持續下降 - 與全球員工敬業度的上升趨勢形成鮮明對比。當中,僅75%本港員工屬於敬業,而中國及印度員工的敬業度則有81%。

除此之外,本港員工不太傾向擁護所屬公司為好僱主 - 75%亞太區員工會樂意宣揚所屬公司為工作的好場所,但只有71%本港員工如此。









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