8 January 2019

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Mercer today released the latest findings of the Mercer Mandatory Provident Fund Satisfaction Index (Mercer MPFSI). The monthly index recorded a score of 50.8 in December 2018, slightly down from 50.9 in November 2018. Although the Hang Seng Index (HSI) has fallen 11% since January 2018, the Mercer MPFSI has remained constant throughout the year.

Hang Seng Index and Mercer MPFSI

“Despite the high fluctuation in the Hang Seng Index, the Mercer MPFSI has remained relatively steady for two main reasons. Firstly, some respondents view their MPF holdings as a long-term investment, therefore, short-term market volatility doesn’t affect their confidence in the type of investment. On the other hand, other respondents lack sufficient knowledge and awareness with regard to their MPF holdings. As such, their satisfaction levels are not affected by market volatility,” said Mr. Billy Wong, Health & MPF Leader, Mercer Hong Kong.

MPF enquiries have led to higher satisfaction levels

Interestingly, members who have enquired about their MPF accounts at least once in the last 12 months feel more satisfied. In December 2018, the satisfaction level of people who made MPF enquiries was 54.5, more than 15 points higher compared to people who did not make enquiries (38.9). Moreover, more than one-fifth of respondents (23.3%) stated that they had not sought any advice with regard to their MPF.

“Enquiry frequency and the understanding of investment type have been important factors contributing to member satisfaction levels, as recorded by the Mercer MPFSI. We are surprised to see that more than 23% of respondents haven’t sought advice via online or personal channels, or by contacting MPF agencies. With the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (MPFA) having conducted years of promotion, it’s still essential to have revolutionary changes to encourage members’ awareness,” said Mr Wong.

MPF digital review platform is a foreseeable trend

According to a survey conducted by the MPFA, about 80% of members are reviewing their fund portfolio through trustees' electronic platforms. With technology advancements, the MPFA is planning to launch MPF digital review platform by 2022.

“In the coming years, the digitalization of MPF management will become a major trend in simplifying and standardizing the process, thereby encouraging both employers and employees to continuously review their MPF management and accounts in a user-friendly way,” added Mr Wong.

He concluded by saying, “The beginning of a new year, such as now, is an ideal time for members to actively review their investment portfolios and better utilize the digital tools on hand to strive for greater returns in the future.”


Note to editors
The Mercer MPFSI was conducted by Nielsen to track the satisfaction level of MPF members. The survey interviews more than 2000 respondents per year who are among the working population with MPF and whose monthly personal income is not less than HKD 7,100 (minimum threshold eligible for MPF membership). The survey was conducted through methods of online self-completion (age 20 – 54) and offline street intercept (age 55 or above).

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2018 年美世強積金滿意指數在市況波動下保持穩定


美世(Mercer)公佈美世強積金滿意指數(MPFSI)的最新調查結果。指數在2018年12月錄得50.8,較11月份所錄的50.9 稍微下跌。雖然恆生指數(恆指或HSI)自2018年1月以來下跌11個百分點,但強積金滿意指數於年內保持平穩。





王玉麟先生表示:「成員查詢強積金的頻繁程度及對投資類型的認識,是影響滿意指數的重要因素。我們對超過23% 的受訪者從未透過網上、個人聯繫或強積金受託人尋求建議感到意外。強制性公積金計劃管理局(積金局) 多年來致力推廣強積金,但市場仍需進行革命性的改變以提升成員對強積金的認知。」


根據積金局的調查,約有80% 的成員透過受託人的電子平台檢視其基金組合。隨著科技的進步,積金局亦計劃於2022年分階段啟動強積金中央電子平台「積金易」。



美世強積金滿意指數由尼爾森(Nielsen) 進行訪問,以追蹤市民對強積金的滿意程度。調查每年訪問2000多位擁有強積金帳戶、並每月入息不少於港幣7,100元(符合強積金成員供款的最低門檻)的在職人士。調查透過網上自行填寫(20–54歲)及街頭訪問(55歲或以上)方式進行。

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