Mercer MPF Satisfaction Index - July 2018

Mercer MPF Satisfaction Index - July 2018

Mercer MPF Satisfaction Index rebounds in July, Rising MPF contribution has no impact on satisfaction level

  • August 13, 2018
  • Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Mercer today released the latest findings of its Mercer Mandatory Provident Fund Satisfaction Index (MPF SI). The monthly index, the first of its kind in measuring the satisfaction levels of Hongkongers towards the MPF system, recorded a rating of 52.6 in July 2018, up from 47.3 in June.

The index rose 5.3 points in July, largely offsetting the drop recorded in June, while MPF satisfaction levels have hovered consistently around 50 out of 100 over time.

“Compared to June, in July an additional 10% of respondents reported that they consider themselves knowledgeable about the MPF system. With this increase in MPF scheme member levels of knowledge, the MPF satisfaction level has rebounded,” said Billy Wong, Mercer’s Health & MPF Business Leader, Hong Kong.

Potential uplift in relevant income and maximum contribution level

The Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (MPFA) has proposed an increase in both the income limits and the maximum level of MPF contributions, according to media reports. It has been suggested that the maximum MPF contribution be raised from HK$1,500 to HK$2,400 per month.


Although some of the city’s better-off workers will be required to contribute HK$900 more into their MPF account each month, according to the new proposal, 56.4% of respondents said that the uplift in relevant income and maximum contribution level will have no impact on their satisfaction level towards the MPF system. 25.7% of respondents said their satisfaction level might improve in light of the new move.

Higher knowledge levels result in greater positivity

Interestingly, of the respondents that consider themselves knowledgeable about the MPF system, 39.3% believe that they will be more satisfied with the MPF system with the uplift in relevant income and maximum contribution level. Meanwhile, only 8.9% of respondents in the low MPF knowledge group believe that their satisfaction level will improve.

“Respondents’ knowledge level about MPF can substantially affect their attitudes towards these planned changes. People with higher knowledge levels about MPF are believed to support the system playing a more significant role in retirement protection by increasing mandatory contributions,” said Mr Wong.



Note to editors

The Mercer MPF SI was conducted by Nielsen to track the satisfaction level of MPF members. The survey interviews more than 2000 respondents per year who are among the working population with MPF and whose monthly personal income is not less than HKD 7,100 (minimum threshold eligible for MPF membership). The survey was conducted through methods of online self-completion (age 20 – 54) and offline street intercept (age 55 or above).


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美世強積金滿意指數於七月份回升  提高強積金供款不影響市民滿意度

香港, 香港

美世(Mercer)公佈美世強積金滿意指數(MPF SI)的最新調查結果。該每月指數是全港首個調查港人對強積金滿意程度的指標,指數在2018年7月錄得52.6,較6月份所錄的47.3回升。






成員愈了解強積金 對新變動愈感正面






美世強積金滿意指數由尼爾森(Nielsen) 進行訪問,以追蹤市民對強積金的滿意程度。調查每年訪問2000多位擁有強積金帳戶、並每月入息不少於港幣7,100元(符合強積金成員供款的最低門檻)的在職人士。調查透過網上自行填寫(20–54歲)及街頭訪問(55歲或以上)方式進行。


美世通過諮詢建議和技術驅動的解決方案協助企業滿足其變化不斷的工作團隊的健康、財富和職業發展需求。美世在全球超過 130 多個國家開展業務營運,擁有逾 23,000 名僱員,分佈於 44 個國家。美世是威達信集團(Marsh & McLennan Companies,紐交所代碼:MMC)的全資子公司。威達信集團是一家全球性,提供風險、戰略與人力資本相關專業服務的國際集團公司,在全球擁有將近 65,000 名僱員,年收入逾 140 億美元。威達信集團同時也是達信(Marsh)佳達(Guy Carpenter)、和奧緯(Oliver Wyman)等市場領先公司的母公司。威達信協助客戶應對日益變化和複雜的商業環境。如需更多資訊,請瀏覽,或在 Twitter 上關注美世 @Mercer