Authors: Dr. Hans Kothuis, Kevin Hau, Mason Gao


The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread rapidly around the globe, creating an unprecedented disruption to the global economy - from which Hong Kong’s economy has not been exempt. In light of the challenging market conditions for the near future, employees and shareholders look to your organization’s leadership for a path forward.


These headwinds create a difficult dichotomy: companies may find it challenging to adjust compensation expense to reduced and shifting demand.  While some businesses have done well (supermarkets, delivery services and the information technology sector), overall demand has dropped substantially as companies and individual search for cash and liquidity.


Companies face decisions on lay-offs, furloughs and spreading of work through reduced working hours versus finding ways to make compensation costs more flexible, less rigid and more elastic.  There are Four Principles that may assist your organization in making executive compensation less rigid.


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