The new normal is here


We are living in times of unprecedented change and disruption. Leaders around the globe and here in Hong Kong are grappling with uncertainty on a range of economic, socio-political and environmental issues in addition to digital disruption. The future of work is now a reality, and we are moving to a new normal.


These changes have a profound impact on our market, our business and our employees.


How are our talent-related practices and processes in the organization enabling these new trends?

In Mercer’s 2020 Global Talent Trends study, 52% of Hong Kong’s C-suite business executives cited employees’ expectations of a consumer-grade digital work experience as their top workforce concern, a feeling shared by only 34% of Human Resources (HR) professionals in Hong Kong.


37% of Hong Kong employees have felt there are some improvement in process simplification


When asked about their perception of existing talent processes, just over one-third (37%) of Hong Kong employees surveyed said that there had been some improvement in process simplification, but there was still a long way to go to meet their expectations for their experiences as employees. According to Mercer’s Global Talent Trends survey, current HR practices are perceived as extremely slow and inefficient. Many processes are still manual, taking up a great deal of time, effort and resources: One in three employees said that it took over an hour to complete straightforward HR tasks (such as applying for time off).


Given the growing expectations of our internal customers — including both business executives and employees — putting employee experience at the center of designing our talent processes and practices has never been more critical. Indeed, 10% of organizations in Hong Kong are renaming their HR functions (or teams within them) as “Employee Experience” departments. Fortunately, advances in digital technologies are helping to realize policies and processes that previously seemed impossible.


Public, private and government organizations in Hong Kong are deploying advanced technologies to achieve greater efficiencies and to be future-ready. Building on government efforts to improve people’s quality of life, coupled with a desire for high digital literacy and readiness, it is essential that HR leaders provide better workplace experiences. To achieve this goal, HR must adopt people-centric strategies and co-create solutions by using employee personas enabled by digital tools.


This paper introduces multiple perspectives on how organizations can create employee-centric, experience-driven talent practices and processes through data analytics and target interactions enabled by digital HR and change management. Adopting a human-centered approach will be one of the differentiating factors for an organization’s sustained success in a post-COVID world.


 More in this whitepaper:


  1. The new normal is here
  2. Focus on employee experience as a business tool
  3. Build an agile and integrated people strategy
  4. Embrace digital to address strategic questions
  5. Create a resilient and change-adept organization
  6. What does the future hold?


Plus case studies on:


  • Creating an employee experience framework that’s data-driven and aligned to the business strategy
  • Designing a human-centric HR operating model
  • HR going digital for maximum impact
  • HR at the helm of organization change

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