As Hong Kong’s health situation continues to improve, many organizations have returned to work in the new normal while looking into their 2021 plans to review their talent rewards, compensation structure, sales incentives, pension plans, employee benefits and wellness programs.


To help HR professionals ensure their workplace are safe and ready for their staff to return and conduct a comprehensive review of their organizations to optimize employee benefits, pension plans, and rethink cost management measures, we have prepared a Return and Reinvent from COVID-19 Toolkit with the following tools:


Toolkit includes:

 Back-to-work checklist

 Benefits optimization checklist

 Cost management and employee experience playbook

  • Safety measures and precautions that your workplace should have in place Developed and endorsed by Dr. Wong Tin Yau, Andrew, Honorary Consultant in Infectious Disease from Gleneagles Hospital
  • Key factors that you should review for your next employee benefits renewal.  You are also welcome to sign up for a complimentary benefits review conducted by Mercer consultants.
  • Top 10 common measures to manage employee cost and its cost effectiveness and impact on employee experience.

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Employee Benefits Optimization Review


Employee Cost Management Measure Review


MPF scheme review

  •  A review of your employee benefits structure, plan design and analytics to evaluate the cost and employee impact.


  • A review of your current or planned measures to evaluate the cost effectiveness and employee experience impact
  • A snapshot of your MPF scheme across criteria such as historical investment performance, fee level, number of funds offered and fund options coverage.

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