2017 Hong Kong Employee Health & Benefits Survey


Understand employee benefits trends in Hong Kong

2017 Hong Kong Employee Health and Benefits Survey Key Findings. Mercer Marsh Benefits has been conducting this survey of employer-sponsored medical and risk benefits in Hong Kong since 1987.

2017 Hong Kong Employee Health and Benefits Survey

Three Core Sections

Coverage of the survey

Medical benefits

Companies providing medical benefits

Risk benefits

Benefit and prevalence of benefits


  • Critical Illness is gaining popularity – market prevalence has increased from 4% to 7% in 2017
  • Introduction of different standalone CI plans by more insurers, employers are implementing plan as an employer-paid or voluntary benefit
  • Continue increase in the market prevalence of TPD & AD&D
  • 36 X BMS is the most common coverage amount, except for CI (usually less than 24 x BMS or flat sum insured)
  • 72% employers provide only one risk benefit plan to all levels of employees

Cost containment measures used by employers

  • 60% of participants have undertaken the below cost-containment measures
  • Only 33% believe measures were effective 
% of companies adopting cost-containment strategies
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