For many companies, 2022 has been another testing year. Despite the considerable challenges brought by the resurgence of COVID-19 earlier this year, Hong Kong is edging its way back to normalcy.


Mercer Marsh Benefit’s Hong Kong Employee Health and Benefits Survey Report provides a snapshot of several aspects of employee benefits programs, including strategy, offerings, implementation and retirement benefits. The report consists of data covering 1,361 companies with more than 375,000 members across 25 industries in Hong Kong. With this report now in its 31st year, the data have never been so rich.


What’s new in this year’s 2022 Hong Kong Employee Health and Benefits Survey Report


  • Medical benchmark by job grades covering inpatient, outpatient, maternity, dental, and health screening benefits.
  • Work from home offerings FSA benefit is the most utilized FSA benefit across all age groups, also demonstrates how agile flex client companies can adapt to the pandemic changes and needs of their employees.

Key highlight of 2022 Hong Kong Employee Health and Benefits Survey Report


  • The number of claims has increased by 14% and 27% for outpatient and inpatient visits respectively.
  • Total claim value has risen by 22%, with a suggestion that clinics and hospitals are maximizing any opportunities to reclaim lost revenues.
  • 9 in 10 employees in Hong Kong feel at risk of burnout, the highest amongst the markets in Asia.

The onus is on employers today to address the unmet needs of the workforce and ensure they are physically, mentally, socially and financially healthy. Companies are encouraged to review their well-being propositions to nurture a healthy workforce with diverse needs, ensure the total well-being strategy is culturally relevant and fit for the post-pandemic era and enhance the benefits offered and how they are offered based on what matters most to the people.


We hope that you are able to leverage all the insights from our research as part of the journey in planning and reshaping your health and benefits program. Download the 2022 Hong Kong Employee Health and Benefits Survey Report today and talk to one of Mercer Marsh Benefit’s consultants for more details

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