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Healthy People = Healthy Business


In times of disruption, we’ve got you covered

Mercer’s tools and expertise can help you keep a healthier workforce that grows a stronger business, putting you on track for long-term success through turbulent times and beyond.

Get the Healthy People Checklist

In this increasingly uncertain environment, it’s never been more important to radically rethink how to support the vital core of any business – its people.

So how do you support your workforce and grow a stronger business in turbulent times? Download the Healthy People Checklist here to see where your business sits.

Our specialist insights can help you understand how you’re currently supporting your workforce, where the gaps are, and how you can take action now with the tools to turn challenges into opportunities.

How Mercer can help your business

Mercer has the expert guidance, tools and strategies you need to support your workforce across the key areas that matter most.

Here are some of the ways we can help you boost employee wellbeing and shape a thriving business.

Resources to support your workforce

Download the Healthy Worklife Checklist for employees here. This checklist can be printed or shared with your workforce to show how you’re looking out for your people during turbulent times.


Flexi-work Solutions

Thinking differently about how your employees work can help keep key people on board during both steady and turbulent times, and set you up for ongoing success.

With Mercer’s Flexi-work Solutions tools including our Career Framework and workforce analytics, you can make sure every dollar counts and know every desk (virtual or otherwise) is occupied by someone contributing to your success. We can help you:

  • get the insights you need to shape HR policies for flexible ways of working
  • automate internal processes for working arrangements, improving efficiency
  • be proactive in workforce planning and talent strategy
  • quantify problems and identify risks
  • more effectively recruit, retain, develop and engage talent
  • manage change communications to ensure employees get the right message at the right time.

Healthy People Program

A business is only as healthy as the people behind it. Businesses that are smart about investing in their employees during turbulent times can get a competitive advantage in the fight for talent, reaping the benefits of attracting and retainingthe right people.

To help you get the edge, we can work with you to tailor a Healthy People Program – a comprehensive, cost-efficient program to engage and motivate your workforce through choice in health and wellness benefits. We can help you:

  • explore creative ways to reduce spending on health and wellbeing, while still supporting your talent with the benefits they value
  • minimise administration by advocating on your behalf as claims management consultants
  • manage health risks that may impact your business, with our expert insights and recommendations
  • compare key indicators with market peers through periodic benchmarking
  • proactively manage program design informed by in-depth data and analysis
  • boost employee participation and a culture of self-care by addressing physical, financial, social and mental wellness.

Employee Experience Tracker

Particularly during times of disruption, truly understanding your workforce’s experiences – and knowing what to do with this data – is essential to set your business apart and drive growth.

Mercer’s Employee Experience Tracker services give you the specialist insights you need to gauge employee experience, unlock performance and turn data into impact. We can help you with:

  • employee experience and engagement surveys that go beyond providing powerful insights, uncovering how your results compare with industry norms, and what to do to improve employee engagement
  • measuring general experiences and critical moments throughout the employment lifecycle – such as recruitment, new manager appointments, career transition, employee exit and more – through our continuous connectivity Allegro Pulse Survey Platform
  • guidance and tools to take personalised action that generates high performance and transforms your business.

Targeted Talent Strategies

The employees of today aren’t interested in just jobs – they want meaningful careers. And more than ever during times of uncertainty, businesses can no longer get away with haphazard hiring and unfocused career management for their talent.

With 62% of businesses rating themselves as ineffective at workforce planning, are you on track for long-term success? Mercer can help elevate your workforce with succession planning and leadership development. Our Targeted Talent Strategies can support you with:

  • research-backed data and insights into talent challenges and solutions from around the world
  • a talent road map to update your business strategy, identify gaps within your talent management systems and take action
  • compelling journeys for your people with Mercer’s Career Frameworks, helping employees see a path for growth.

Benefits Program Revamp

During economic downturn and times of uncertainty, reducing employee benefits insurance can seem an obvious way to cut costs. But this can be risky in a competitive talent market, with businesses vulnerable to losing their top performers.

Mercer’s Benefits Program Revamp strategies can help businesses get the most value out of their group employee benefits insurance packages, making sure expenses are minimised while employees still get the support they need. Our BenefitMAP tool is a groundbreaking platform that can help you:

  • make informed decisions on employee health and benefits using real-time information based on your unique employee census data
  • look ahead with a clear, informed view of future costs of coverage and potential savings
  • get the insights you need with a customised financial view, combining benchmarking with plans tailored to your specific needs
  • optimise decision-making through a transparent picture into the cost of coverage, helping you identify savings and shape the right programs for your business.



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