Thinking differently about how your employees work can help keep your workforce safe and engaged during turbulent times, and set you up for ongoing success.  Having just the technologies is not enough.

There are five essential elements to setting up an effective flexible work framework:

  1. Have the right employee agreement in place
  2. Set up clear and structured job expectations
  3. Manage flexible working arrangement
  4. Continue to communicate with all your employees
  5. Review and manage performance

Mercer is here to help with any questions you may have.  With Mercer’s Flexi-work Solutions tools, including our Career Framework and workforce analytics, we can help your organization set up for success:

  • Design and shape HR policies for flexible working arrangements
  • Automate internal processes for working arrangements, improving efficiency
  • Manage change communications to ensure employees get the right message at the right time
  • Be proactive in workforce planning and talent strategy
  • Quantify problems and identify risks
  • Effectively recruit, retain, develop and engage talent

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