Using HR data to make informed business decisions

Using HR data to make informed business decisions

Using HR data to make informed decisions

Are you finding it difficult to make the best decisions for your 2016 budget due to incomplete or lackluster data?

With the economy growing stronger and the war for talent intensifying, it has never been more important to ensure that you remain competitive as a top employer of choice.

Mercer’s solutions give you the knowledge you need to stay competitive. Check out some of our top resources that can give you the latest insight and data on compensation and benefits.

Are you confident that your existing or new critical talent is being offered a market-competitive package?


Thousands of clients have used MVS to determine competitive pay/benefits levels for specific, individual jobs in a defined external market (by sector or industry). MVS allows you to customize salary solutions for your employees. We provide reliable and quality information, as we have access to the world’s largest salary database. Full* and simplified^ versions of the report are available, depending on your needs.

* Compensation and benefits 
^ Compensation only

"Nearly two-thirds (64%) of companies in Hong Kong spend more than 15% of their payroll costs on their employee benefits programs. This is a significant cost to any business."

Are you confident that programs you have are competitive in your industry?


Our latest version of this annual report (published since 1987) provides an overview of current benefits schemes and market trends, including comprehensive benchmarking information on medical benefits, risk (life) benefits, and employers’ opinions on benefits trends. The 2015 edition covers 650 companies with more than 180,000 employees in Hong Kong.

Need help with decision-making around current and future benefit strategies?


Mercer’s benefits consultants will conduct a quantitative and qualitative review of your insured benefits program and provide you a benchmarking overview (per benefit item) against current market practice and the cost of the scheme as a percentage of annual payroll. As part of this Mercer solution, you will also receive a recommendation on how to refine your insured benefits scheme for maximum cost effectiveness and enhance employee engagement.

"On average, companies contribute 7% of employees’ basic salary into a retirement arrangement."

Are you confident that both you and your employees are getting the best value for this investment?


Get an in-depth look at scheme design, investment management, provider services and fees, and scheme governance. The survey covers both Mandatory Provident Funds (MPF) and occupational retirement schemes (ORSO schemes), which are defined contribution in nature. Data for Hong Kong were contributed by more than 100 participants across a broad spectrum of industries, and responses represent schemes covering around 180,000 members in total. The available report options allow users to benchmark against the general market, a specific industry, or a custom group of companies.


The Mercer MPF Performance Survey covers every constituent fund offered in the master trust and industry schemes in the market. As at September 30, 2015, it covers 38 schemes and 530 funds,* which are further grouped into 18 asset categories.

The Mercer Hong Kong ORSO fund survey focus on pooled funds available to ORSO clients. As at September 30, 2015, it covers 13 major providers and 78 funds, which are further grouped into 10 asset categories.

Get an in-depth look at investment performance with investment returns over five time periods and actual rankings on return compared to the peer group. Other performance statistics, such as standard deviation and reward-to-risk ratio, are also provided to allow subscribers to benchmark the risk/return characteristics of their current funds against their peers. Both surveys are produced quarterly.

Equipping yourself with data around your compensation and benefits will enable you to ensure that the investments you are making in these employee programs are market competitive and will support your talent attraction and retention strategies.

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