A Quick Fix to Employee Benefit Costs — Hong Kong

A Quick Fix to Employee Benefit Costs — Hong Kong

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A Quick Fix to Employee Benefit Costs — Hong Kong


Hong Kong’s medical inflation rate was as high as 10% in 2014, causing employer health care expenditures to skyrocket. As the population continues to age, employees are becoming less active, contracting preventable diseases, and using more of their health care benefits — in short, poor lifestyle choices are the driving force behind increased medical costs in Hong Kong.

Employers are now faced with the challenge of creating innovative strategies that promote healthy lifestyles to lower their health care expenditures. Having a clear understanding of key cost drivers will give employers the tools they need to address these issues.

What opportunities are there for employers to provide health management strategies for their employees that will help lower health care expenditures in the long run?

We’re pleased to share the Mercer Marsh Benefits perspective with you in our Hong Kong report.

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