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A Mercer Delegated Investment Solutions Case Study


The Situation

HP Wealth Management (S) Pte Ltd (HPWM) is an independent wealth management/multi-family office founded in Singapore in 2009 that provides independent advice and tailor-made investment management services to high-net-worth individuals and families. The firm was looking for a partner with access to best in class managers and strong risk management oversight a to help them implement a hedge fund allocation for their clients.

“We faced the problem of not having the expertise to do manager selection and undertake investment and operational due diligence,” says HPWN Managing Partner and Founder Urs Brutsch.

HPWN wanted:

Expertise in alternative asset allocation

  • The client needed a cost efficient hedge fund solution.

Access to top managers

  • HPWN was too small to get the attention from some of the best fund managers.

Strong and transparent risk management

  • HPWN felt comfortable investing its clients’ money in a firm that shared its risk management philosophy.

Mercer Delegated Investment Solution

During the discussion between HP Wealth and Mercer, the Mercer team focused on the critical areas of interest for the client

  1. Understanding the client’s goals, long-term objectives and  risk profile
  2. Sharing with the client, in details, the  manager selection, due diligence, and portfolio construction process
  3. Ensuring transparency so that HP Wealth understood the performance of the portfolio and importantly was comfortable discussing this with their clients.

The Result

Mercer partnered with HPWN to take on all the investment responsibilities associated with the hedge fund allocation which includes.

  • Ease of implementation including Manager Access and monitoring
  • Initial and on-going due diligence off your hands and into ours
  • A dedicated investment team overseeing the managers and overall portfolio
  • 24/7 Risk Control and complete transparency
  • Cost efficiency by capitalizing on Mercer’s buying power
“[Delegating to Mercer] is a very efficient way to get exposure to top managers you can’t access on a standalone basis,” says Urs. “It’s very comforting to know that Mercer has it all under control.”
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