Employee Benefits Reimagined Engaging Your Talent Without Breaking the Bank

Amid increasing workplace complexity, changing demographics and ever-evolving laws, how do HR leaders win over employees’ hearts? And how do they cope with the added pressure of “cool Silicon Valley” benefits lauded on social media? What can HR leaders do to develop a benefits strategy to attract, retain and engage talent while creating a positive impact on their employer brands?


With 35% of the Asian population active on social media and growing more than 27% annually, employees are increasingly vocal about their opinions.[1] They’re quick to applaud unique, innovative benefits and even quicker to criticize a lack of benefits for peer communities at their workplaces.

HR leaders therefore need to explore unconventional approaches, with an eye on the costs as gone are the days of blanket hiring approvals and market premiums for key roles. HR leaders must deliver differentiated EVPs with tighter budgets.


[1] We Are Social. Digital in APAC, 2016, available at https://wearesocial.com/sg/blog/2016/09/digital-in-apac-2016

Godelieve Van Dooren
by Godelieve Van Dooren

Partner, Regional Industries & Products Leader – Asia Pacific

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