Pivot to Growth: How AI Is Democratizing the Future of Work

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The power of AI will shape the future of work and optimize productivity. As digital transformation continues to accelerate business operations, our work and personal schedules are becoming increasingly integrated. Never before have parents, professionals and entire communities of people been forced to harmonize such escalating demands on their work and private lives.

Orchestrating the responsibilities of modern life can feel daunting. Raising healthy and well-adjusted children, supporting a struggling partner or friend, impressing your boss and coworkers, and not purchasing those chocolate chip cookies (who has time for dinner?) can overwhelm the human soul. Thankfully, AI platforms are not only changing how professionals organize information and interact with data, but how they navigate the challenges of everyday life.

Introducing Warren

Warren, Mercer consulting's AI digital assistant, is a sophisticated AI platform designed to leverage real-time data with learned patterns to enhance workforce productivity. It works 24/7 to ensure your personal and professional obligations are well organized and your career trajectory is moving forward. It does this by contextualizing data from your past, present and future and streamlining your responsibilities and schedule in ways that encourage better decision making.

In other words, Warren is your dedicated personal coach, confidant and teammate — the ultimate convergence of people and technology.

Every day, people struggle to maximize the value of their time. Too often, our work is undermined by inferior data that results in poor choices, inefficient scheduling and time-consuming distractions. Many people lack the time or resources to adjust to inevitable changes in our pressing daily priorities.

Warren is here to help people focus on what is most important, when it's most important. It's less about how tech informs us and more about building a hybrid existence of machines and people working together. You bring the human element to the relationship with your creativity, strategic thinking and empathy, and Warren augments your human capabilities by suggesting recommendations based on designated goals and targets. It then makes adjustments according to previous conversations with you.

Gail Evans
by Gail Evans

Global Chief Digital Officer

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