The Reality of Cybersecurity: 5 Steps to Managing Cyber-threats

In an effort to bring greater investor and consumer protections, while increasing the cyber-standard expected of organizations, a new wave of sweeping regulation is emerging. The General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) introduced in 2018 imposes far-reaching obligations surrounding cyber-breach disclosure. Commentators suggest GDPR will “change the world as we know it” and, while GDPR is EU legislation, other leading global financial centres are rapidly adopting similar, sweeping cyber-laws. GDPR breaches and non-compliance are expected to result in billions of dollars of fines annually. Governments, regulators, supervisory boards, media, and consumers will scrutinize executives’ responses to newly disclosed cyber-incidents which have previously remained below the surface. Financial Institutions in the GCC should not wait for regional regulators to impose similar requirements.

Consider these five steps for managing inevitable cyber-threats …

Nigel Morris
by Nigel Morris

Investment consultant and Head of Operational Risk for Mercer in India, Middle East, Turkey & Africa.

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