Three Personas Every HR Leader Must Embrace

Three Personas Every HR Leader Must Embrace

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Three Personas Every HR Leader Must Embrace
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Calendar28 June 2018

John Deegan from MMB explains, “As health care costs become more material (outside the U.S.), employers are also questioning the intent and design of programs. Given the digital health revolution underway, we are seeing progressive employers redefine health and benefit principles and question traditional medical insurance designs, many of which were based on receiving crisis treatment in a hospital setting. And while it is starting in the U.S., the evolution towards value-based care, where providers are paid based on outcomes instead of fee for service, will demand innovation from the (global) insurance community.” 

Only through political mechanisms can enduring changes to insurance regulations be implemented throughout the world’s nations. HR leaders are uniquely positioned to advocate for new health care policies for employees and employers. By adopting these three personas into their leadership dynamics, HR professionals can lead the way to a better, more affordable future. As Andrew Perry of MMB asserts, “Health insurance is ripe for disruption around the world.”

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