Mercer and Marsh provide a one-stop platform for services and support to the SME community.
Our comprehensive solutions provide the peace of mind and ease of execution you’re looking for.


Benefit One facility plan — provided by Mercer Marsh Benefits


Specially designed for employers with fewer than 50 employees:


  • A flexible and cost-effective medical plan

  • Ideal for small startups (1–50 employees)

  • Rates based on smaller employer claims to minimize costs

  • Quick policy setup

General insurance — provided by Marsh & McLennan Agency


  • Offers commercial property and casualty, employee compensation, and motor insurance products

  • Dedicated teams in retail locations across the globe

  • Groups clients with similar risks and insurance needs together to obtain  competitive premium rates and favorable coverage terms through volume-based bargaining power

  • Focused on quality, coverage and price in predevelopment of insurance products to achieve greater efficiencies during the placement process and deliver your policies quickly

MPF service — provided by Mercer


  • Simplified MPF provider selection process — Mercer shortlisted three service providers (all top-five providers in the MPF market) that are providing online contribution support.

  • Enjoy a special management fee rebate offer — Shortlisted providers are offering bonus rebates regardless of headcount and asset size.

  • Scheme setup — Mercer assists clients in the scheme setup process (for example, preparing the required documents, member enrollment).

  • Ongoing support — Our ongoing support includes annual reviews and updates on legislative changes and MPF markets

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