Findings and Its Implications

Past Years MPF Satisfaction Index

  • The Mercer MPF Satisfaction Index offered interesting insights to the different needs and sentiments towards MPF or retirement among employees in different life stages. These differences will be important for MPF providers and government bodies when devising retirement planning, MPF communications and education, to ensure that the content caters the specific needs of the audience in different age groups.
  • More work may need to be done on educating employees on the importance of regular MPF portfolio reviews to ensure alignment with their long-term financial goals. 
  • More education on financial wellness, both on the amount of funds needed for retirement and how to evaluate investment options, is crucial for Hong Kong’s workforce to tackle expectation mismatch and improve satisfaction.

What Is It? Why?


The Mercer MPF Satisfaction Index is a monthly index — the first of its kind in Hong Kong — to measure the satisfaction level of Hong Kongers toward the MPF system. The monthly survey was conducted by Nielsen, a world leader in market research, among Hong Kong workers age 20 to 65 on Mercer’s behalf to examine knowledge, understanding and satisfaction with the MPF system and current MPF-related developments.


Methodology of Index

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