Mercer MPF Market Shares and Estimated Net Fund Inflow Report – Sources and Methodology

This Mercer report measures market share in two main ways: by MPF fund asset size and by net monthly inflows. MPF fund size data are primarily based on information contained in the various fund fact sheets provided to MPF members. In a few cases, where figures are not available for the target date, we have made estimates based on past trends.

Fund size reflects a combination of net inflows and outflows and investment performance. Our monthly MPF performance report analyzes investment performance in detail. In this report, we strip out the effect of investment performance in our calculation of net inflows.

Net inflows are defined as: (contributions received and transfers in) less (benefits paid and transfers out).

The calculations of net fund inflows are our own, and have not necessarily been verified with the product providers. Although every reasonable effort has been made to ensure accuracy, we do not accept any responsibility for the figures. Net inflow calculations may be particularly subject to error when markets are volatile, as they will be sensitive to the precise timing of the inflows and daily price changes.

The data we collected account for 99% of the total MPF system. We were unable to obtain current data for the BCOMM, SHKP, Mass and Haitong schemes at the time of producing this report. These were estimated from performance data and past inflow trends.

Our estimated figure for total assets in the MPF system is HK$745.7 billion (last quarter HK$701.1 billion), with total net inflows during the quarter of HK$11.4 billion (last quarter HK$12.6 billion).

The MPFA's figures were not available at the time of this report.

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We have used and relied upon the information or data submitted by the MPF service providers on an "as is" basis. No independent verification of any information or data from the MPF service providers has been carried out by Mercer in relation to the data. Any authorized use of the report is at the user's sole risk. It is recommended that the user seeks professional advice before replying on any information or data in this report.

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