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Top 10 Mandatory Provident Funds | Year-to-date up to 2019 Q3


Top 10 MPF Funds | Year-to-date up to 2019 Q3

Top 10 MPF funds by year-to-date investment return as of 30 Sep 2019


Rank Fund Name Scheme Name Year-to-date return as of 30 Sep 2019
1 Mass US Equity Fund MASS MPF Scheme 21.60%
2 Hang Seng SuperTrust Plus ValueChoice US Equity Fund Hang Seng SuperTrust Plus 19.81%
3 HSBC SuperTrust Plus ValueChoice US Equity Fund HSBC SuperTrust Plus 19.81%
4 Manulife Global Select North American Equity Fund Manulife Global Select 19.43%
5 BOC-Prudential My Choice China Equity Fund BOC-Prudential My Choice 19.38%
6 BOC-Prudential Easy-Choice North America Index Tracking Fund BOC-Prudential Easy-Choice 18.94%
7 Mass Greater China Equity Fund MASS MPF Scheme 18.90%
8 Hang Seng SuperTrust Plus North American Equity Fund Hang Seng SuperTrust Plus 18.39%
8 HSBC SuperTrust Plus North American Equity Fund HSBC SuperTrust Plus 18.39%
10 BEA Master Trust North American Equity Fund BEA Master Trust 18.10%
Source: Mercer MPF Fund Performance Report
Note: Past performance is neither an adequate test of comparative performance nor a reliable indicator of absolute level of returns in the future.

Speed Read:

  • Vast majority (>95%) of MPF funds record a positive year-to-date return as of 30 September 2019 following the low fund prices in year-end of 2018.
  • Same as in 2019 Q2, North American equity funds were the best performing asset class and won 8 places out of the top 10 funds. The remaining 2 places were taken up by Chinese equity funds.
  • Does it Matter: A 1% difference in annual investment return can result in ~50% difference in accumulated retirement benefits over a 40-year saving period.

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  • Implementation of MPF solutions and employee communications
  • Support employee engagement programs as it relates to MPF benefits
  • Bring you market insights from our vantage point in the industry

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