Today, the benefits that an organization provide are no longer differentiators: everyone expects a minimum number of benefits – from pensions to bonuses, group medical and group life insurance and more.


So how do you make sure that your organization stands out from the crowd, that your employees know they’re truly being taken care of, that you have their best interests at heart, and that you’re doing this at a price that works for you?


The Mercer Marsh Benefits Team can help. We won’t just help you choose the best benefits for your business at the best price, we’ll help you identify (or review) whether your benefits strategy is truly serving your people and helping them to thrive.

How Mercer can help your business

Mercer has the expert guidance, tools and strategies you need to support your workforce across the key areas that matter most.


Here are some of the ways we can help you boost employee wellbeing and shape a thriving business.

  • 1. Plan Design, Brokerage and Placement Services

    How does your employee benefits program compare with others? Using our global knowledge, data and experience we can conduct a benchmark survey for you, help you design a program, review the insurance market for you and negotiate deals to find the best price to meet your needs. 

  • 2. Program Management

    Once you’ve selected the best benefits for your company, how do you communicate that to your employees? We can help do that – and more. Beyond producing powerful communications, we can also attend to administrative issues, gather and review underwriting info, deliver membership cards, negotiate policy endorsements and assist with policy claims enquiries. But, more importantly: we’ll keep you informed about the market trends that will impact your employee benefits program so you’re always one step ahead.

  • 3. Claims Services

    Claims can be an administrative nightmare. We take away the pain. We can receive event notifications and notify insurers, advise on required supporting documentation, and help negotiate claim settlements. We can even provide a dedicated claims team with a direct line, so you don’t have to answer queries directly. The best part, however, is the data. At Mercer Marsh Benefits, our strength is going beyond mere admin to add value. Our claims submission history report looks at patterns, usage, and can even identify benefits abuse cases… Now that’s a claims service with a difference!

  • 4. Value-Added Services

    From our annual Health and Benefit Survey – covering everything from group life, disability, and medical benefits provided by employers in Hong Kong – to our individual market updates and preferential rates on value-added solutions, Mercer has the health of your organisation and your employees at heart. The vast amounts of global data we collect allows us to use our consulting team’s special skills to help you address the challenges facing your business to make recommendations that will truly make a difference to your company, and your people.

Healthy, Wealth and Work-wise

2020 Hong Kong Employee Health and Benefits Report

This report comprises three main sections: Medical Benefits, Risk Benefits and Employers’ Opinions on Benefits-Related Topics and Trends. Information in the first two sections is derived from data extracted from the benefit schedule of insurance policies, and the final section is based on the results of an online HR survey.


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2021 Hong Kong Health and Benefits Online Survey Result

The Hong Kong Health and Benefits Online Survey is part of Mercer’s annual Hong Kong Employee Health and Benefits Survey Report. The survey provides a snapshot of several aspects of employee benefits programs, including strategy, offerings, implementation and retirement benefits.


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Data-Driven Comparison

What are your employees really claiming? At Mercer Marsh Benefits we combine data, human insights and our global Mercer expertise to make meaning of your data. Let us compare your demographics, benchmark your benefits, analyse your claims – and even put it all on dashboards so you can understand your workforce population health, drive down costs, and make people better.


Understand Your Data

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