Attracting, retaining and nurturing talent is a challenging enough job without having to handle the administrative burden associated with employee benefits.


That’s why, at Mercer, we do the hard work for you. We don’t just help you design a winning benefit strategy, or ensure that your plan design and financing are up to the task, we select the right vendors based on our deep knowledge of the marketplace and can even help you communicate the value of your selected benefits to your employees so they have the best employee experience.


For everything from full health and wellness assessments to flexible benefits, we bring our expertise together to make relevant, local recommendations on the best health and retirement benefits for your business. Whether you outsource your employee benefits or choose a self-insured option, we can help your business realise tangible, measurable outcomes while your employees get better, more appropriate benefits.

How Mercer can help your business

Mercer has the expert guidance, tools and strategies you need to support your workforce across the key areas that matter most.


Here are some of the ways we can help you provide a more resourceful way of handling employee benefits.

  • 1. Employee Benefit Outsourcing: Administrative Services

    Managing your employee benefits in-house is a noble but sometimes overwhelming task. Ensuring that your employees’ health and retirement benefits are cost-effective and compliant with legislation requires a certain amount of expertise as well as constant vigilance. That’s why companies have been outsourcing employee benefits to Mercer for the last 22 years: we don’t just remove the headache of running a benefits program, we also help educate your employees about their benefits and empower them to make better decision; which means you have more time to keep your strategic HR mission on course.

  • 2. Self-Insured Consulting

    Deciding to self-insure your benefits program gives you ultimate control over the benefits you choose to offer your employees. At Mercer we can help ensure your plans run smoothly, that your capital is invested wisely and that the systems and people you need to administer your plan are up to the job so that you can keep doing your job and Mercer can help you make more of a difference in your employees’ lives.

Healthy, Wealth and Work-wise

2021 Hong Kong Health and Benefits Online Survey Result

The Hong Kong Health and Benefits Online Survey is part of Mercer’s annual Hong Kong Employee Health and Benefits Survey Report. The survey provides a snapshot of several aspects of employee benefits programs, including strategy, offerings, implementation and retirement benefits.


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Mercer Marsh Benefits: Powered by Darwin

Companies who best manage their most valuable asset – their people – will be the ones who will outperform the competition.


Find out how to manage the health, wealth and career of your workforce with Darwin™ engagement software. Help them see the impact of the choices they make, today, on their lives tomorrow.


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2020 Hong Kong Employee Health and Benefits Report

This report comprises three main sections: Medical Benefits, Risk Benefits and Employers’ Opinions on Benefits-Related Topics and Trends. Information in the first two sections is derived from data extracted from the benefit schedule of insurance policies, and the final section is based on the results of an online HR survey.


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