The link between employee wellness programs and reduced employee turnover has been well documented. But, there is also a relatively unexplored link between rewarding people for good behavior in their personal lives and reduced medical costs.


That’s how we see the connection between health, wellbeing and employee benefits. At Mercer we have the technology and the data analytics at our fingertips based on information gathered in Hong Kong and across the world to inform a health and wellbeing proposition that can really impact your employees’ lives, rather than just their work life.


By combining claims data, biometric screening and health-risk assessments we can help your organization come up with a plan to create the right, targeted interventions that don’t just help you identify and tackle the underlying causes of why people need to go to the doctor and pay medical insurance in the first place, they help you create and maintain a healthier, happier workforce.


It’s all part of our goal at Mercer to provide consultancy and advice that allows our customers to improve their employee experience, get the best value for money, contain cost and maximize their ability to attract and retain employees: by putting people and their health at the heart of the business.

How Mercer can help your business

Mercer has the expert guidance, tools and strategies you need to support your workforce across the key areas that matter most.


Here are some of the ways we can help you manage your employees’ health by providing the right benefits program.

  • 1. 360 Degree Program

    Reflecting on employee performance is a powerful force for positive behavioural change and leadership improvement. That’s why we’re proud to offer Mercer360™, a tool that runs on best-in-class technology and allows organisations to assess everyone: from individual contributors to senior leaders, in a robust, comprehensive way. Assess performance accurately to close the gap between the talent you need, and the skills your employees have today with our impactful analysis.

  • 2. Biometrics and Lifestyle Risk Analysis

    What if your employee wellness program could help identify health issues or enable your employees to manage their chronic conditions better? At Mercer, that’s what our Biometrics and Lifestyle Risk Analysis can do. We offer the ability to analyse the health of your workforce in a way that assesses their lifestyle, stress and physical health: and then suggest potentially life-changing solutions. It’s just another way Mercer connects healthcare incentives that can make employees’ lives better with the opportunity for businesses to reduce insurance costs.

  • 3. Disease Assessment

    Knowing where your insurance dollars are being spent on your employees’ health is critical to reducing cost. But there’s a secondary benefit: identifying the illnesses affecting your employees allow you to offer them support, guidance and potentially even better medical care. That’s what our Disease Assessment offer includes: investigation, analysis and remediation recommendations for your employees that can help your business reduce costs and improve lives.

  • 4. Flexi-Benefit Program

    Flexible benefits are becoming increasingly popular in Hong Kong. Giving employees control of their own benefits package allows them to balance their priorities and choose the package that suits them best. At Mercer we offer a highly advanced technology solution called Darwin™ engagement software. It lets employees manage their health, wealth and career and see the impact of the choices they make, today, on their lives tomorrow. 

Healthy People Checklist

How do you support your people in turbulent times?


Our Healthy People Checklist for times of disruption provides a 5-point review that helps you consider everything you can, and should, do to support your employees for long-term success when times are tough.



Download the Healthy People Checklist

Case Study: Managing the Business for a Healthier Workforce

20% cost savings, a holistic health and well-being program and complete transparency just a few benefits that one Mercer client, a local conglomerate with 22 HK business units and more than 40,000 employees obtained.


How did Mercer help them turn the challenge of the 100+ legacy insurance plans into an opportunity? Read the case study website page to find out.


Go to the Healthier Workforce Case Study web page

2020 Hong Kong Employee Health and Benefits Report

This report comprises three main sections: Medical Benefits, Risk Benefits and Employers’ Opinions on Benefits-Related Topics and Trends. Information in the first two sections is derived from data extracted from the benefit schedule of insurance policies, and the final section is based on the results of an online HR survey.


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