Mercer Marsh Benefits Powered by Darwin lets companies select the products and services they need at each phase of the process, from strategy to day-to-day servicing and support. We offer companies the only truly flexible, integrated, proven and innovative solution to manage all aspects: from strategy to cost and risk management, engagement and administration.


At the heart of our solution is the belief that global benefits are in dire need of transformation. We use technology to inform and improve each step in the process, from data-driven decision-making through to algorithms instead of processes, and consumer grade software for employees to take control by better understanding the impact of the choices they make today on their lives tomorrow.

Key highlights:

Sole focus on benefits communication and administration


Launched in 2000, now with 2m+ users in 100+ countries


46 languages


Trusted in asia since 2006


Automated interface with HR and Payroll systems to drive efficiencies

One of the key ambitions we have for clients is to transform the benefits ecosystem by automating “non-value-add” work and re-energizing benefits professionals to focus on the very best outcomes for the organization and each employee:

  • Much of the work currently done by the Global and Local Benefit Team is automated, enabling the function to focus on strategy, change and engagement initiatives.

  • Employees’ frustration is removed and engagement enhanced by replacing paper with a consumer-grade experience, helping them to better understand and be more invested in their benefits so they can achieve the best outcome.

  • Consultants add value to clients through advising on how to achieve the appropriate outcomes using real-time, accurate and predictive data and analytics.

  • Brokers become the in-market experts, advising companies and employees on claims management and other complex issues.

  • Vendors receive accurate data and have lower cost of administration in the short term, while in the longer term we help them better address market needs.


A robust core that provides end-to-end connectivity and automation of benefits processes, and a consumer-grade front end to engage and empower employees to use and value their benefits.

We appreciate that not all employers want a one-size-fits-all approach or want to feel that they have been forced into a narrow solution. This is why we’ve developed our solution with both a standard and customization version to allow clients to select the products and services that best meet the unique needs of their workforce.

  • Benefits Now

    • One-Stop Claims submission process
    • Accessible via browser on any mobile devices
    • Provides employees with a personalized experience
    • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
    • ISO27001 certified, ensuring that data integrity is not compromised
    • NO Implementation Fee needed
    • NO Annual Renewal Fee needed
    • ONLY an Administration Fee
  • Full suite of DARWIN solutions

    •  Highly configurable rules engine automates administration
    • Consumer grade experience that can be accessed from anywhere from any device
    • Global control, configured to needs of local countries
    • Deep data insights with suite of standard reports and easy trend analysis
    • Rich branding and modular implementation capabilities

We pride ourselves on that flexibility, consistency and focus on outcomes, regardless of how clients use us — something we know the market has longed for.  What this means for our clients is simple:

  1. Strategic guidance — We help our clients determine their plans and objectives, and then create the initiatives and governance to achieve them.

  2. Execution of plans — Wherever you are on the journey, we convert that strategy into reality through regional and local design, broking and vendor management.

  3. End-to-end support — Whether implementing new technologies or in new countries, managing change or making sure things run smoothly, we support you all the way.

  4. Driving innovation — In addition to our focus on delivery results today, we have specialists looking at what tomorrow’s solutions should be, bringing them to you so you stay ahead of competition.

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