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Many of the workforce in Hong Kong have been put through tremendous challenges and stress for the past few months.   To help your workforce to cope with these changes, Mercer Hong Kong has prepared several out-of-the-box webinars to support and educate your workforce how to maintain and improve their physical and mental health, including activities to help with kids to induce fun and positive energy at home.  Particularly for those that had prolonged stay at home from home office and school suspension result in inactivity. These programs are intended to help boost your activity level at home, take away your pain and aches from all day sitting. 

All programs are conducted in a webinar format and can cater up to 450 participants online per session.

Orders made online will be processed by our consultants to confirm your selected items and details before processing the payment.  Changes and refunds can be made after the order is submitted.

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How to minimize our risk from getting COVID-19

Conducted by Infection Control specialist

  1. What is Infection Control and why it is so important?
  2. What is an Outbreak?
  3. Type of transmission
  4. Infection Control Practice in daily lives
  5. The importance of Hand hygiene
  6. Proper way of hand hygiene
  7. Proper way of wearing mask
  8. Practical tips
  9. Q&A

Available in English or Cantonese


icon smart food

Smart foods when you are stressed

Conducted by Registered Dietitian

  1. Food to make a smarter you, reduce stress and raise immunity (Functional foods to raise immunity and reduce stress)
  2. Quick & Simple homemade choices to shape up & build a smart body and mind (Convenient 3 meals a day to prepare at home)
  3. Smart tips to combat diet myths (Tips to make good choices and not to become fooled by diet myths/ traps)

Available in English or Cantonese


icon Chinese medicine

Strengthening your immune system using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)


Conducted by Registered Chinese Medicine Doctor

  1. Anti-epidemic view of TCM
  2. Simple disease-resistance health theory in spring and summer
  3. Simple diet and conditioning
  4. Daily Healthcare tips

Available only in Cantonese


icon family

Family Stretching

Conducted by Registered Physiotherapist

  1. Common postural problems with prolonged static posture causing headache, neck and back pains
  2. Effects of low physical activity on body
  3. Self-postural assessment
  4. Towel stretching exercise. Postural correction stretching exercise using a towel will be discussed and it’s suitable for everyone in the family from age 6 and above.

Available in English or Cantonese


icon weight management

Effective Weight Management by Building Muscles, Losing Fat

Conducted by Registered Physiotherapist

  1. Importance of weight management
  2. Analysing your body
  3. New era of weight management
    • Building muscles
    • Burning calories
  4. Muscles strengthening and aerobic exercise will be shown. Exercise is suitable for age 6 and above

Available in English or Cantonese


icon gene

Practical tips and preparation for “back to work”

Conducted by Specialist in Infection Control

After the talk, you would be able to :

  1. Understand and apply the checklist and tools to screen employees back to work and carry out follow up actions
  2. Understand and implement social distancing at workplace
  3. Understand and apply tools to track illnesses of employees
  4. Understand how contact tracing is done by CHP and know how to facilitate in case of outbreak in the organization
  5. Act as trainer to educate colleagues about proper preventive health measures
  6. Understand how to enhance the hygiene of workplace and tackle weakest links in system
  7. Understand and roll out audit tools to ensure continuous preparedness against infectious diseases
  8. Understand and utilize tracer methodology to perform drills for organization

Available in English or Cantonese


icon gene

Hassle-free back-to-office parenting guide

Conducted by Specialist in Developmental-Behavioural Paediatrics

As parents will soon return to office, while kids may still be learning from home, children coping strategies vary and their behaviour may be perplexing and adding further stress to the family. For example, younger ones may demonstrate worsening of separation anxiety or change in appetite and sleep pattern, while older ones may develop irregular meltdowns or fall into power struggle with parents frequently.


In this webinar, speaker is going to help parents to navigate through children’s hyper-sensitivities during the adjustments, and to share with you practical strategies to support children’s social and emotional needs, as well as handle their reactive behaviours in response to anxiety.

Available in English or Cantonese


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