I want reports and studies that can help me…

  • Study international data and ensure my organization’s salary and reward packages are competitive and cost-effective
  • Create more value with your HR budget. For a fixed fee, you can get instant access to data, insights, tools and exclusive networking to help you make informed HR decisions.
  • Be up to date with latest trends in benefits package designs and help me retain and engage top talent in my organization

Full Total Remuneration Survey (TRS)

Get all the data you need in one place with the full TRS report: an insightful and timely analysis on the issues impacting global HR decision making. It includes:


  • Tried and tested methodology: providing reliability year-on-year for a solid representation of market trends
  • Flexible options: ranging from data on one country, industry or role, to a full consultancy support package
  • Online data: slice and dice it for your specific needs. Our online tools let you analyse survey data in a way that is meaningful for you.

Asia Pacific Monitor

As your organization reinvents for a new world of work, you need relevant information and actionable insights to help you quickly achieve your HR objectives and business goals. But the lack of reliable market data and standardized methodology across the region can lead to reduced accuracy and confidence in carrying out your HR responsibilities.
With Mercer’s Asia Pacific Monitor, you can:


  • Get the insights you need instantly
  • Get the most bang for your buck
  • Enjoy the flexibility to choose the options that fit

Compensation Reports

How do you balance budgets and offer appropriate compensation packages to keep employees motivated, especially in challenging times? Use these publications to plan or compare local, regional and global compensation. From experienced employee remuneration to new graduate starting salaries, we have the insights you need.

Benefits Reports

Get the most updated benefits market practice to improve your benefits provision to employees, retain top talent and establish your brand in the market.

  • Car Benefit Policies

    Times have changed, but the value of transportation benefits to your employees has not. As the competition for talent continues to intensify, evaluating these benefits will help support your total rewards strategy, giving your company the edge

    • Published: May 2021
    • File format: PDF
    • Report type: Region PDF


  • Benefits Prevalence Report & Benefits Practice Report Summary

    With data from Mercer’s APAC Benefits Survey, which is conducted with more than 5000 companies, the Benefits Prevalence Report and Benefits Practice Report Summary will provide you a quick overview of your benefits policies to ensure that your benefits strategy remains competitive.


    Location Price
    Hong Kong HKD 28,880
    Indonesia HKD 24,980
    Malaysia HKD 24,980
    Philippines HKD 24,980
    Singapore HKD 26,540
    Thailand HKD 26,540

Come and talk to us!

For custom analysis or help in comparing your compensation policy against the market, our additional consulting and custom analysis tools can help you:


  • Investigate budget modelling, cost optimisation and compensation
  • Understand market employment pricing and practices during COVID-19
  • Compare and contrast scenarios with remuneration deviation reports
  • Impartially review executive remuneration
  • Design and implement incentive schemes from short-term incentives to equity based long-term incentives plan
  • Find creative and employee-centric ways to reward and engage staff during challenging times.

Whether you are managing the current situation, looking for new ways to lead through this time of uncertainty, or creating a new future in order to emerge stronger, now is the time to talk to us.


Workforce benefits reports and publications

Access the knowledge you need to improve workforce engagement, retain top talent and establish your brand in the market.

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