Pension actuaries help you to assess the value of your long-term obligations, whether through your defined benefit pension scheme or through long-service severance plans.   We serve a broad client base to report on the impact these obligations have on their business’ financial health and the cost of any benefit changes.   In times of low yields and poor investment performance, your actuary plays a role to manage risks arising from such obligations in the short-term and in the future.

How Mercer can help your business

Are your funding options, defined benefits and accounting strategies aligned with your business goals? Our actuarial services can help.

  • 1. Actuarial Consulting Service

    As part of our actuarial and pension services, our actuarial consulting service includes: funding and accounting valuation for Defined Benefits schemes, cashflow projection, retirement schemes effectiveness review, asset-and-liability studies

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Access our sophisticated yet simple-to-use cloud-based platform for institutional investors and investment managers to gain access to insights and analytics on more than 6,700 managers and 35,000 strategies.


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Are you a B.A.D. Investor?

The GSIA says responsible investment strategy now account for 26% of all professionally managed assets, globally.


Switch from ‘business as usual’ to Business As Different (B.A.D.) and join those who are making responsible investment part of their strategy and positioning themselves for market opportunity.


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New Imperatives for Financial Security

Two thirds of adults expect to live past 80, but only 1 in 3 are confident that they will have enough money to afford to do so.


It’s time to retire retirement! Find out why in this infographic which reveals the results of a survey of 7,000 people and 600 senior leaders in 12 countries.


Healthy, Wealthy and Work Wise: Infographic

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