Our goal is to help achieve more sustainable investment outcomes by integrating environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) goals into responsible investment (RI) processes. RI seeks to generate both financial and sustainable value, by thinking differently, taking off the blinkers and looking through a wider-angle lens at both risk and opportunity.


Sustainability is embedded in Mercer’s global investment beliefs and thought leadership. The GSIA (Global Sustainable Investment Review 2016) states that responsible investment strategies now account for 26% of all professionally managed assets globally, totalling US$22.82 trillion. The evidence also shows that responsible investment helps build resilience against diverse risks in your investment portfolio.


Our team brings a global wealth of knowledge, research, study, and international perspectives on climate change. This relates to profits, capital allocation, investments, the impact on our people and their wellbeing, and the financial impact of responsible investment on the future.


Rather than keeping business as usual (BAU), we believe in thinking differently. That’s why we encourage B.A.D. investment: Business as Different! Rather than thinking about things you can’t change: enabling people, closing the gaps, all the things we can do – let’s do that first.


We are proud to have been was recognised as the number one Investment Consulting Firm in the Sustainable and Responsible Investing category by the Independent Research in Responsible Investment (IRRI) Survey 2017.

How Mercer can help your business

At Mercer we don’t just believe that a sustainable investment approach is more likely to create and preserve long-term investment capital, we use ESG principles as a driving force behind our investment beliefs. This is partly why our focus on climate change, stewardship and taking a broader, longer-term perspective on risk are essential to a responsible investment strategy.


We can help you create a responsible investment strategy that reflects your organisation’s identity and mission, then implement and monitor it.


The Mercer ESG rating framework is utilized by our global manager research team who assess how well managers integrate ESG factors into investment processes.

  • Endowments and Foundations

    By integrating ESG considerations into the investment process, we can paint a more complete picture of risk and return within the investment portfolio and across the organization’s reputation and stakeholder relationships as a whole. We are proud to partner with many of APAC’s largest endowments & foundations, superannuation funds, insurers and institutional investors, offering an end-to-end solution from specialist consultancy to full asset implementation.

  • Investment strategy and policy review, portfolio construction, manager selection, performance monitoring and ESG

    Over the next three years we believe that investment managers integrating ESG will continue to see growth in demand for their products, while ESG will increasingly apply to a broader range of asset classes. Moreover, ESG will continue to be important in index investing, building resilience to climate change in portfolios will increasingly become a standard consideration in investments.

    That is why we are regularly engaged for stewardship review, carbon footprinting, SRI monitoring review, peer review, climate change scenario analysis, and policy or strategy development. To achieve these goals we combine the focused intelligence of passionate Mercer consultants with the Mercer ESG ratings assessment and insights from third party tools 

  • Mercer’s investment philosophy

    Mercer has been at the forefront of Responsible Investing since the establishing of a global investment advisory team of RI specialists in 2004. Our award-winning team operates globally in all major market hubs, and is solely focused in the area of RI. Our team will work with you to establish a tailored approach that reflects your identity and purpose as an organisation, and then implement that strategy purpose-built for you through a comprehensive investment and monitoring approach.

    More on Mercer's investment philosophy

Are you a B.A.D. Investor?

The GSIA says responsible investment strategy now account for 26% of all professionally managed assets, globally.


Switch from ‘business as usual’ to Business As Different (B.A.D.) and join those who are making responsible investment part of their strategy and positioning themselves for market opportunity.


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