Investments markets move quickly. To capitalize on investment opportunities you need a dedicated team of experts ready to act. Our international network of over 1,200 highly experienced investment professionals leverages sophisticated investment tools in more than 43 countries to provide you with diversified portfolios that outperform, even in the most volatile markets.


Our research and depth of experience mean we can turn insights into opportunities. We also keep an eye on regulations while also providing marketing-leading expertise, robust risk management and governance.


Whether you're looking for financial advice or delivering it, Mercer's Wealth Management solutions offers access to a world of investment opportunity. Our range of investment solutions and informed advice can help you improve performance, take advantage of lower costs and manage risk effectively.


Get more time to focus on the strategic issues of your business with our focused, dedicated team: attuned to the needs of individuals, wealth managers, super funds, endowments & foundations as well as insurance funds.

How Mercer can help your business

At Mercer we combine financial knowledge, advice, tools and research to provide robust, market-leading financial advice.

  • 1. Endowments and Foundations

    Mercer is committed to helping endowments and foundations not only realize higher risk-adjusted returns but also accomplish their broader mission by developing a portfolio that will withstand the ups and downs of the market as part of an enduring investment strategy. For one simple, straightforward fee we bring a higher level of expertise and service to the 250+ not-for-clients we work with.

  • 2. Investment strategy and policy review, portfolio construction

    Regardless of whether clients choose to manage their own portfolios with the benefit of our advice and tools or outsource more of the heavy lifting in managing a portfolio, we develop customized strategic allocation advice and provide continuous governance and portfolio oversight.

    Today, Mercer’s Investments business is helping more than 3,300 advisory and 440 fiduciary clients, and that list is growing every day.

Healthy, Wealth and Work-wise


We advise clients on the best strategies to invest wisely and profitably.


  • Investment strategy
  • Asset allocation
  • Portfolio construction
  • Manager selection
  • Sustainable investment
  • Operational efficiency
  • Risk management


We support clients in implementing strategies to meet their goals.


  • Multi-client and custom fund implementations
  • Mainstream assets
  • Private markets
  • Asset liability solutions
  • Technology solutions
  • Operational execution
  • Implementation

Tools and research

We keep clients informed about market changes and trends.


  • Strategic investment research
  • Investment manager research
  • Capital market research
  • Dynamic Asset Allocation
  • Performance Analytics
  • Operational Due Diligence
  • Market intelligence

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