Individual investors are taking on a greater share of the responsibility for securing their financial future.  These investors and the financial advisors they trust need the tools to make smarter investment decisions as they seek better investment outcomes.


Individual investors and their financial advisors are watching – are your funds rated?


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Mercer FundWatch: Modern Ratings for Modern Investors

Mercer FundWatch is an investment ratings service providing research and ratings on funds available to individual investors and financial advisors.


  • Delivers high-quality, forward-looking research on funds and a simple rating system
  • Focuses on the “exposure” a fund provides and net-of-fee future performance prospects
  • Offers access to a Mercer news bulletin that highlights changes affecting rated funds





Ratings With an Eye Towards the Future
Mercer FundWatch features a forward-looking methodology that helps guide individual investors and financial advisors to those funds which we believe have greater out-performance prospects. Because of this, even new funds can receive ratings.



A Research-Driven Methodology


Our research process focuses on identifying alpha through the following methodology:

Research driven: Our forward-looking, research-intensive process builds on a deep understanding of each investment fund covered.


Repeatable: We use a robust and consistent framework to assess each fund’s capabilities.


Evidence based: We focus on characteristics that have been shown to enhance the probability of sustainable alpha generation, which can vary over time and by asset class.


Flexible: We use flexibility and past experience to focus on the relevant characteristics for a given fund.


 How to make Mercer FundWatch work for you



Fund Managers


  • Get a star rating from a global leader in manager research
  • Forward-looking methodology means even new funds can get a rating
  • Highlight your top funds to investors



Financial advisors and fund distributors


  • Enhance your existing due diligence process
  • News bulletins help you stay ahead of investors’ questions and concerns
  • Access research at your fingertips through the publically available website



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