Having the right MPF is crucial

Employees who worry about their financial position are more likely to be less productive at work and absent more frequently. Global research shows majority of employees want financial wellness education targeted to different groups.


How would you like to continually monitor your MPF scheme design and provider performance, and ensure the scheme is being appreciated... all at no cost to you or your employees? Who wouldn’t?


Helping your employees plan for financial wellbeing is a winning strategy.

Make sure your employees appreciates your MPF scheme and help enhance employee engagement today!

Mercer aims to make the task of designing, selecting, and monitoring an appropriate MPF easy and affordable. Mercer offers a range of simple MPF scheme governance services which help you enhance employee engagement with the MPF scheme.

Mercer MPF Service on Broking


MPF provider review  & selection


Discuss with client to confirm the key assessment criteria


Shortlist providers based on the assessment criteria


Liaise with shortlisted providers to gather data for review and comparison and negotiate fee discounts


Arrange providers’ presentation

Implementation and Communication


Support client in setup new MPF scheme


Prepare communication materials


Arrange member briefing sessions

On-going supporting services


Annual review


Monthly Newsflash for employer


Quarterly Diagnostics report


Updates on Legislative changes as well as provider changes


Member communication


Quarterly Performance for member  (Target to launch  in Q1  2021)

Deeper Dive: Mercer MPF Service


Mercer offers a simple effective solution for MPF scheme governance which can help you enhance employee engagement with the retirement plan. By appointing Mercer as your MPF intermediary, we can provide a selection of core services including:

Defined Contribution market survey


with survey information on Scheme designs, members investment choice, members’ satisfaction, Scheme Strategy and Governance, in Hong Kong



MPF provider monitoring dashboard


gives a simple high-level review of your MPF scheme across four criteria: historical investment performance, fees, number of funds offered and fund range coverage. 






containing legislation and market updates, employee education information.





2020 Hong Kong Defined Contribution Scheme Survey

Do you know if your company’s contributions are higher or lower than your peers in the market? What do other employers see as important in a retirement scheme provider? Click here to find out the findings and insights of the survey report.

Spotlight on Pensions – Complimentary 1:1 Consultation

A snapshot of your MPF scheme across criteria such as historical investment performance, fee level, number of funds offered and fund options coverage.

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