Why employee engagement survey is important?

In today’s increasingly dynamic work environment, organizations must effectively source and leverage people insights in order to attract and retain talent. Listening to how employees feel at work is key to understanding, measuring, and improving the employee experience.


Employee engagement surveys are a great way to measure employee motivation, passion, and commitment while providing you actionable insights for improvements in productivity, wellbeing and more. They also capture immediate feedback from employees on the topics that matter most, like hybrid working.  


Mercer’s research shows that employees’ satisfaction ratings explained 22% of the difference in turnover. 

Best practices and templates in the toolkit

If you or your team has experience in running engagement surveys and would like to enhance your efforts and learn about global best practices:

This toolkit provides best practices and ready to use content to help you gather, analyze and action feedback from your workforce.

Access a set of recommendations, practices, techniques, and templates to use as you enhance previous efforts.

If you’re planning an engagement survey for the first time

Please drop us a message to hear about how Mercer can assist you. For a first cycle, having an external consultant collect and host the data assures employees of your organization’s and leaders’ commitment to confidentiality and has a positive impact on the candor of responses. Mercer also advises on best practices from survey design, pre-survey communication, launch and post-survey follow up process throughout our partnership.

Employee engagement survey toolkit

HK$ 19,510.00

Employee engagement survey toolkit + benchmarking report

HK$ 31,220.00

What's inside the employee engagement survey toolkit

Buy both the toolkit and the benchmarking report to save USD1,000!


  • Learn about all phases of the survey process from designing a questionnaire to creating an action plan.
  • Access a selection of surveys, ready for you to program and launch, covering topics such as COVID-19 return to work; diversity, equity, and inclusion; mergers and acquisitions; workplace safety and more.
  • Usable content to guide and facilitate the entire survey process including sample emails, FAQs to share internally, checklists, presentations, and much more.

Benchmarking report

  • Data for more than 50 popular engagement survey questions.
  • Question library of best practices, guidance, and recommended actions.

This report contains globally applicable content; it is not country or market specific.

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