Building the workforce of the future doesn’t just mean getting the right people on board, at the right cost and providing the right incentives to keep them there: it’s about providing an employee experience that makes people want to work for you. At Mercer we help the HR function transform themselves to attract, engage and retain a workforce that wants to perform at their very best with our total human capital management solutions.


Behind the scenes we can help you design the right organization structure design for your business, find the right people, plan the right rewards, and build the right employee journey which, when executed well, will translate into a fantastic employee experience.


To help along the way we can provide employee engagement surveys to measure the employee experience which look at employees’ needs and their moments of truth along their career journey with you. Then we combine our wealth of research and experience from around the world to make sure you’re ready to do world-class HR and help get and keep that emotional connection with the people who work for you so you can make your business thrive.

How Mercer can help your business

Mercer has the guidance, tools and strategies you need to support your workforce across the key areas that matter most.


Here are some of the ways we can help you engage, reward and communicate with your employees.

  • 1. Employee Engagement

    Differentiate your business with memorable employee experiences. Getting the most out of your people requires going beyond measuring employee engagement: it’s what you do with the data that counts. At Mercer we offer employee engagement surveys: but we go beyond the data to produce and share profound insights and analysis and personalised actions for you to translate into reality. As a result you can unlock performance and empower your employees to make change happen in a way that works for everyone.


    Employee Engagement Survey Toolkit

  • 2. Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

    It’s time for HR leaders to rethink their employee rewards strategy to unlock their entire workforce’s potential: one employee at a time. This means it’s important to create a meaningful employee valuable proposition (EVP) because HR leaders can no longer attract and retain people with a combination of benefits packages and money. Differentiate yourself by creating a compelling employee experience through an EVP. We can help.


  • 3. Total Rewards Strategy

    Meaningful rewards aren’t one-size-fits-all. Today employees expect and need more. Designing rewards in a meaningful ways means that rewards should be based on what you want employees to achieve as well as your company’s culture and values. These rewards might vary by geography, business unit, skill area and even employee demographic, but they must be informed by market trends, performance-driven, delivered fairly and consistently and designed to support individual career development. We can help you figure out how to make sure your total rewards strategy meets all of those requirements, and more: tailoring it to do exactly what you need in order to drive business success.


  • 4. Employee Communication

    Simply sharing information isn’t the same as communicating with your employees. What they need is the right message that will keep the motivated, help them ease through big transitions, or feel like they belong. That’s why we work with clients to help them create the right employee propositions. From communication strategies to campaign planning, development, content creation and measurement – we can help you speak with your workforce to capture attention and drive action.

    Five questions to consider: The future of employee listening

The future of employee listening

Over the past two years, employees have had to cope with a tremendous amount of terror, trauma, and change. If you haven’t asked your workforce how they are feeling, what their concerns are, and what support they need now and in the future, it will be challenging to serve them well.


Five questions to consider: Find out More

Employee Engagement Survey Toolkit

Whether you are planning your first employee engagement survey or want to enhance previous efforts, our survey toolkit is your complete guide.


This toolkit provides best practices and ready to use content to help you gather, analyze and action feedback from your workforce.


Employee Engagement Survey Toolkit: Find out More

Total Remuneration Surveys

What is the key to designing competitive pay packages worldwide? It starts with data.


At Mercer we have the world’s largest and most comprehensive remuneration resource, featuring data from 140+ countries, 35,000+ organisations and more than 15 million employees.


Total Remuneration Surveys: Find out More

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At Mercer we believe in making human and emotional connections with people. We ask questions, we listen, we learn: then we combine our diverse, global knowledge and experience to bring value back to our customers.


It’s all about the people.


We go far beyond organizational theory design to help you bring about organizational change in a way that works for you, your business, and your employees.

Whether that requires reskilling or job and organization design, we start by building a workforce strategy using intelligent analytics and design based around you: then make sure it can work in the real world.


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