It’s an exciting time to be in HR as we re-engineer the way it operates. At Mercer we love partnering with the business to create the right employee experience across their entire journey. Sometimes this means that the very nature of HR has to be transformed, though, and doing this through the use of technology is a long-term solution that underpins future success. But to do this properly it’s critical to understand the people, risks, culture and mindset of your organisation. That’s why we bring a combination of data, advisory services and products together to ensure that HR transformation works for your company, and we travel with you along the transformation journey.


Usually we’ll start off with discovery: by clarifying the business objectives; then do diagnostics, design the journey with you, implement the design and review the impact. It means we get to work with you to embed the transformation as it unfolds, and we are always there to support your change management journeys. But we’ll be guided by what works for you, every step of the way.


It’s all part of how we advise our clients because, at Mercer, we’re human too. We’re caring, passionate and we go the extra mile – even while being a trusted strategic partner. So if you’re looking for a quality consultant with all the knowledge, validated and robust frameworks, competency models and libraries of data, look no further. We fix things, based on what you need, by co-creating a journey with you, with our hands on your shoulders through the good, the challenging, and the turbulent or uncertain times.

How Mercer can help your business

Mercer has the expert guidance, tools and strategies you need to support your workforce across the key areas that matter most.


Here are some of the ways we can help you with change management, HR transformation and digital implementation.

  • 1. Change Management

    Many organizations grossly underestimate the human impact of a new career framework. When change management isn’t managed well it can make employees disengage, almost instantly. But change also brings opportunity. That’s why we’ll partner with you to help make sure everyone is ready for change, and help you roll out new frameworks so they’re adopted more successfully.


  • 2. HR Transformation

    How can processes like recruiting, succession planning and managing performance be more efficient and effective? How can HR become an even more valuable, strategic business partner? By embracing new ways of working and new models for the future. It’s all part of HR transformation. We’ll work with you to do a check on whether you’re ready to transform, then design a service delivery model and even redesign or optimise a people-centric process for you – before going through digital strategy and implementation, as well as change management. As business change happens we’ll be with you, every step of the way.


  • 3. Digital Implementation

    What’s your HR IT strategy? Are you ready to implement on the cloud? What are the risks and how can you mitigate them? These are just a few of the ways we can help you along the journey of HR transformation, whether you’re looking to revamp your HR technology, improve your HR practice or build your HR team’s skills. 

Reinventing HR in the experience age

We are living in times of unprecedented change and disruption. Leaders around the globe and here in Hong Kong are grappling with uncertainty on a range of economic, socio-political and environmental issues in addition to digital disruption. The future of work is now a reality, and we are moving to a new normal.


These changes have a profound impact on our market, our business and our employees.


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2022 Global Talent Trends Study

Explore how organizations are redesigning work, working and the workplace in Mercer’s 2022 Global Talent Trends Study.


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Unlocking the Employee Experience with TIM

It’s time for HR to shift gears: transforming from a standard target operation model to a target interaction model.


Help your HR function become more people-centered by targeting the desired employee experience as the starting point. Our TIM helps you find the perfect, blue-sky HR model and then turn it into reality.


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