Finding, hiring, keeping and motivating your best talent isn’t just about providing the right rewards, it’s about incentivising your key talents in a way that encourages positive behaviour to happen, repeatedly, that motivates teams to keep going.


We call this ‘rewards consulting’ and we do it because our clients shouldn’t have to spend all their time working out who to employ and promote, or how to reward them in terms of compensation, wellness and career opportunities. We work with you to design the right incentives for your people. We conduct talent assessments. And we formulate everything you need: from job design, to career paths, compensation, salary structures, rewards, and even performance management models and talent assessments.


Our aim is to help your business grow. We do this by listening, intently, and combining our global industry insights with specific, local knowledge and real-world experience to co-create with you and the right solutions to resolve the challenges facing you.


And, unlike other consulting firms, we make it real! When you come away from a meeting with Mercer consultants we want you to feel a little bit smarter, a little more enlightened, but also lighter: knowing that our research, data, humanity, community-focus and listening skills will help us find practical, helpful solutions that are actually applicable and relevant to your business. That way you can carry on the important job of making your business better.

How Mercer can help your business

Mercer has the expert guidance, tools and strategies you need to support your workforce across the key areas that matter most.


Here are some of the ways we can help you get the right talent on board motivated and encouraged to help you grow your business.

  • 1. Talent Assessment & Development

    Do you have the right people on board? Or do you need to hire them? And which are the right ones to employ? Our talent assessment team can help you figure that out. Mercer Mettl is a tool that provides better talent measurement using online assessment software, psychometric tests, aptitude tests and even coding tests.

  • 2. Talent Management & Careers

    More and more companies nowadays are people-based businesses. Hiring the wrong people, or not developing them can cause a terrible loss of productivity – both directly and indirectly. That’s why we help our clients create talent strategies and advise on every aspect of the employee lifecycle: from recruitment and assessment, to onboarding, day-to-day performance management, talent management and even top-down management-driven organisational structure reviews. We even have a Mercer Talent game that enhances leaders’ capabilities.

  • 3. Mobility

    We live in a global village. So regardless of whether our working methods are agile or not, our workforce needs to be. Being ready to mobilise people at every level of your organisations means being able to strike the right balance by finding the right people and putting them in the right places, at the right cost, at the right time. Mercer makes mobility easy. We combine education, consulting, software data and online tools to help you with workforce mobility.

  • 4. Global Talent Trends

    What is driving disruption in the workplace? Our global talent trends report on win with empathy covers: Focus on futures; Race to reskill; Sense with science; and Energize the experience. It’s just part of the global Mercer suite of data and reports that we can draw on to help your business find and keep the right talent to drive business success.

Mercer Global Talent Trends

What is driving disruption in the workplace?


Our 2020 global talent trends report on connectivity in the human age covers: the rise of customer expectations; technology transformation; and how human capital must deliver talent-led change.


Download the report to get the full picture

Better Talent Measurement with Mercer Mettl

Make powerful and precise people decisions by assessing their skills, providing learning opportunities and verifying skill levels with exams, certifications and proctoring.


Try Mercer Mettle to help you recruit and keep the best technical and software talent.



Mercer Mettl Talent Measurement

Mercer Learning

Even in challenging times, the value of upskilling in HR capabilities is a constant. Mercer’s research shows that high performing organisations are 3X more likely to upskill HR professionals to move into business line rotations, 5X more analytics training.​



Mercer Learning

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