Creating a Thriving Work Environment

Date: 27 March, 2018


Lewis Garrad, Growth Markets Engagement Practice Leader

Vidisha Mehta, Regional Career Solutions Leader

People strategies and value propositions set the direction, but the employee experience is shaped by daily events and galvanized by work relationships. A focus on employee engagement can provide insight into whether the culture is conducive to driving commitment and productivity. In addition, employees who are able to better navigate their careers and move them forward are more likely to feel energized at work. 



Cultivating a Lab Mindset

Date: April, 2018

Details coming soon!


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Thrive Research Overview with a Focus on People Strategy

Date: 31 January, 2018


Kate Bravery, Global Practices Leader

Jackson Kam, Regional Talent Strategy Practice Leader – Asia

Ephraim Patrick, Regional Talent Strategy Practice Leader – Asia

Today’s business planning approaches are increasingly focused on disruption, innovation and large scale transformation – responses to an increasingly uncertain future. Thriving organization treat their workforce as an asset in which to invest – not simply a business cost. It therefore calls for developing a future-focused People Strategy which is data-driven and designed to unlock growth. 



Curating a Compelling Employee Value Proposition

Date: 22 February, 2018


Puneet Swani, Growth Markets Career Business Leader

Lewis Garrad, Growth Markets Engagement Practice Leader

As the modern contract of work evolves, there is greater emphasis on the realities of “the employment deal”. Employees expect their employer to provide them with tools to manage their health, wealth and careers in a way that is personalized, flexible and unique to their own interests and needs. We present a new lens to view the employee value proposition that empowers your workforce to thrive. 



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