Preparing the workplace of the future isn’t easy, but it is possible. Imagine if you could design an organizational structure that met today’s needs as well as tomorrow’s... That’s what we help you do.


At Mercer our workforce design teams looks at the whole employee lifecycle: from recruitment and assessment, to onboarding, to day-to-day performance management, talent management and the whole employee experience.


By combining what you’re doing right, now, with our top-down management-driven organisational structure / design / competency model we work out, together, what will be better for your company, your employees and your community in future. 

How Mercer can help your business

Mercer has the people, passion, data and tools to help your team design the best workforce you can have.


Here are some of the ways we can help you boost employee wellbeing and shape a thriving business.

  • 1. Workforce Strategy, Analytics and Design

    Having the right talent strategy in place means designing an organizational structure that works now, and in the future. At Mercer, our insights on total human capital management are gathered from around the world, but truly local in execution. We don’t just focus on building a framework by pulling together real-world data, we combine this with the human aspect of an employee’s life: from the onboarding experience to the exit interview, and every stage in between.

  • 2. Reskilling

    Do you have the right people on board to serve your workplace of the future? If you’re not sure, we can help. Our humble yet determined team of human capital consultants will listen, learn, reflect and advise on the best way to reskill your workforce.

  • 3. Job & organization design

    Change is hard. Why not bring in extra help when your business is going through a tough time? We can design and put a talent strategy in place to take your people through organizational change as seamlessly as possible in a timeframe that works for you.

The Greatest Need for Leaders Today is a Global Mindset

Who is a global leader? Anyone who works across geographic and cultural boundaries. There are three steps to enable this new breed of leaders to build a global mindset. Take a look at our model for success to empower your leaders.


See the Model

People Strategy, Organisation Design and Analytics Workshops

Attracting, retaining and managing the right talent is an artform and a science. Take a look at our workshop series and find out how we combine workforce planning, leadership, culture & diversity, people & productivity, and skills & competencies to make a real difference to how your organisation manages its workforce.


Workshops: Find out More

Mercer Global Talent Trends

What is driving disruption in the workplace? Our 2019 global talent trends report on connectivity in the human age covers: the rise of customer expectations, technology transformation and how human capital must deliver talent-led change. Download the report to get the full picture.


Download Global Talent Trends Study

Let’s have a chat!

At Mercer we believe in making human and emotional connections with people. We ask questions, we listen, we learn: then we combine our diverse, global knowledge and experience to bring value back to our customers.


It’s all about the people.


We go far beyond organizational theory design to help you bring about organizational change in a way that works for you, your business, and your employees.

Whether that requires reskilling or job and organization design, we start by building a workforce strategy using intelligent analytics and design based around you: then make sure it can work in the real world.


Have a conversation with us.

We won’t just give you a proposal or a contract: we’ll have a proper conversation with you to figure out how we can help you. So please, ask us a question: we may not always know the answer, but we will enjoy trying to find out.

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